I AM CURATING… (An Experiment in a Specific Form of Openness) is influenced directly by a few of my inspirations, including I Am Making Art by John Baldessari (1971), SCREENFULL by jimpunk and abe linkoln (2004 - 2006); and triptych.tv by jimpunkabe linkoln and mr. tamale (2008). Baldessari’s performative gestures foreground the gesture as art and the apparent execution of instruction sets as art (or as Artware). SCREENFULL and triptych.tv feature a digitalPunk style developed by jimpunk, abe linkoln and mr. tamale which continues to inspire me but which is directly related to this project in my use of photography, composting and the the default patterns used to visually indicate transparency in digital images and image editing software. Additionally, my I AM CURATING… project continues a set of desires for various forms of openness and radical inclusivity that Jake Elliott and i have explored together through various curatorial/organizational projects. This projects is also (and hopefully most obviously) inspired by those people and places who are directly referenced in the project. - jonCates (2012)